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We are one of the home salon service providers, a professional doorstep beauty salon, a mobile parlor service provider, that is exclusively for women. Prior booking for at least 24 hours in advance.

Services For Every Occasion

List down special services you offer on occasions like Weddings, Parties etc.

Mani Pedi

Kids Polish ------------------------- AED20
Gel Polish --------------------------- AED70
Gel Polish Removal ------------- AED40
Kids Manicure French ------- AED140
Kids Pedicure French ------- AED150
Classic French Manicure ---- AED80
Classic French Pedicure ----- AED90

Hair Care

Kid's Hair Cut ---------------------- AED50
Hair Trim ---------------------------- AED70
Hair Cut ---------------------------- AED120
Root Colour ---------------------- AED150
Full Colour (Medium) -------- AED300
Full Colour (Long) ------------ AED400
Blow Dry (Medium) ---------- AED100
Blow Dry (Long) --------------- AED150
Blow Dry (Very Long)-------- AED200
Iron Curl (Medium) ---------- AED150
Iron Curl (Long) --------------- AED200
Iron Curl (Very Long) ------- AED250
Straightening Medium/Long/Very Long AED150/200/250


Collagen Facial------------------- AED150
Dermalogica Facial ------------- AED300
O3+ Diamond Facial ------------ AED300

Nails Extension

Nail Art (Each Nail) ------------- AED15
Gel/Acrylic Repair Per Nail -- AED25
Fake Nail Application ------- AED100
Overlay Natural/French - AED200/250
Ext Natural/French ----- AED250/300
Refill Natural/French --- AED200/250


Upper Lips -------------------------- AED20
Nose/Hands/Toes ------------- AED20
Chin ----------------------------------- AED30
Underarms ------------------------ AED30
Bikini Line ------------------------- AED60
Full Bikini ----------------------- AED100
Full Body ------------------------ AED500
Stomach Line -------------------- AED40
Half Stomach -------------------- AED50
Full Stomach -------------------- AED80
Half Arms ------------------------- AED55
Full Arms -------------------------- AED85
Half Legs ------------------------- AED75
Full Legs ------------------------ AED110
Half Back ------------------------ AED70
Full Back ------------------------ AED95


Upper Lip ------------------------- AED20
Chin --------------------------------- AED20
Forehead ------------------------- AED30
Face Side ------------------------ AED50
Eyebrow -------------------------- AED30
Full Face Threading ------- AED100
Full Face Threading & Eyebrow

Eyelash Extension

3D/5D Volume ------------------ AED300
Russian Volume --------------- AED250
Natural Lash -------------------- AED200
Lash Refill ----------------------- AED200
Removal -------------------------- AED100
Eyebrow Tinting ---------------- AED60


Head Massage (15 Mins / 30 Mins) AED80/AED100
Foot Massage (15 Mins / 30 Mins)
Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage
(30 Mins / 60 Mins)
Neck & Shoulders Massage
( 30 Mins / 60 Mins)
Full Body Massage
(60 Mins)-------AED400

Hair Treatment

Keratin Medium / Long
Botox Medium / Long

Nail Treatment

Hand / Feet Treatment ------ AED100

You can now book an appointment 7 days a week from 1pm to 6pm, just call us at 0503068611 / 042666889. In return for your time, trust and money, we guarantee a neat, clean and hygienic home salon experience, by our trained female therapists. We earnestly look forward to pamper you soon in the comfort and safety of your home.

Home Salon Services

‘Home Salon Service’ covers the entire scope of beauty therapies that can be delivered in the comfort and safety of your home. The services delivered by our trained and experienced therapists, using reputed brands, quality checked hygienic products and disposables can be the routine full Body Waxing, Threading, Bleach, Clean-ups, Facials, Pedicure, Manicure, Hair color, Cut or Spa at one hand or more advanced ones like Hair Straightening / Smoothening or Hair Style using iron and dryer at the higher end. Not to forget our signature Acrylic Nail Extensions and Hard Gel.

At NdotK Beauty Lounge, we don’t do anything cheap, we do it right! The way you want it done.

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